4 Pack Winter Leek & Vegetable Samosa

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Product Information

This winter warming exclusive savoury parcel include winter warming leek, seasonal sweetcorn, butternut squash and spiced vegetables, wrapped in a crisp pastry. A definite winner at every banquet, or simply to enjoy individually. Delightfully flavoursome, with cracked black pepper. Mild


Fit for every sharing buffet, or simply to enjoy as part of your sinner platter. Try these wonderful savoury seasonal winter warming vegetables in a crispy triangular crisp pastry, fit for every celebration or banquet.

2 Winter Leek & Vegetable – where 2 of these will equal one of your 5 a day

Ingredients : Vegetables (leek, butternut squash, carrots, sweetcorn, onion) garlic, chilli, coriander, pepper, salt, turmeric, in Green Sisters gluten-free flour blend

How to prepare your SAVOURY / SWEET samosas

To Oven Bake

For best results always cook from frozen and brush with oil before baking

Preheat oven to 160 degree (Fan) or Thermostat 4, 180 degrees (Gas)

Place samosas on a baking tray lined with baking parchment

Place the tray in the middle of the hot oven

Bake sweet samosas for 10-12 minutes

Bake savoury samosas for 20 minutes

Turn halfway through the bake

Be careful when handling hot food

Serve golden brown & hot throughout.

To Fry (Savoury Only)

Pre-heat oil on medium heat and place samosas

When oil is hot, fry for 2 minutes on either side

until golden brown and the filling is piping hot.


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More about Green Sisters

Message from the Founders of Green Sisters, Geeta & Reena


It all started with a few triangles, filled with delicately spiced ingredients, shared in all manner of gatherings, social meet-ups with aunties and uncles, at occasions and weddings and even workspaces. At such occasions, it was impossible to not miss out, since Geeta & Reena followed diets that combined allergen-free lifestyles and vegetarian diets. Clearly, this needed to be changed!


And so we made it our business to make that difference and change, so others, with whatever combination of dietary persuasion, could also be included in the social experience of eating with one another…. and Green Sisters was born!


We now extract all manner of allergens from even entering our production kitchen, ensuring we can then cater to diets that are combined with more than one dietary preference or niche. So whether you want to indulge individually, or share amongst any of your friends and folk, we have got you covered.


More than that, we are absolutely fixed on flavour. So you can be sure to be enjoying a delightfully healthier Indian when you choose from this range.   If you like the idea of samosas that are baked, not fried, and free from compromise, then you will certainly enjoy Green Sisters authentic product range.


Since the pandemic, our customer base requested a more diverse portfolio, to include ready meals, other accompanying snacks, and products that could simply be enjoyed conveniently at home – directly from the freezer, whenever they wanted.


Since then, we have expanded our portfolio to an exciting variety of new products, free from 14 allergens in the core range, some low fodmap options, including  an increasingly-loved vegetable and lentil-based selection of healthier curries, ready meals and soups A range of Roti & Parata’s (this is the staple bread of an Indian diet, usually dipped into a delicious curry – unleavened and tasty) Veggie Keema samosas The Crunchy Jumbo Spring Rolls.

We need to stop typing now because our mouth is watering!

Enjoy exploring our shop, where we look forward to welcoming & serving you!

Geeta & Reena 🙂

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