Organic Instant Chai Latte Powder with Reishi 200g

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A delicious and nourishing Instant Chai Latte Powder with Reishi which is free from dairy and gluten – and it’s also 100% organic.


In China and other Eastern societies, the Reishi mushroom is the most widely used symbol of longevity. It’s use dates back 2000 years, making it one of the oldest mushrooms know to have been used medicinally. The ancients kings and emperors all consumed Reishi tea and it has attained a reputation in the East as the ultimate herbal substance.


We’ve blended Reishi mushroom powder with unrefined coconut nectar, coconut milk powder and chai spices, to create a delicious and nourishing drink. It has the convenience of an instant drink which you can take, and make, anywhere. We hope you like it as much as we do – it really is a ‘hug in a mug’!


Dairy-free, gluten-free and caffeine-free.


Pack size: 200g


Servings: 10 cups/7 mugs


INGREDIENTS:  Organic and Vegan coconut milk powder, organic Blue Weber agave inulin, organic raw crystallised coconut nectar, organic Reishi mushroom powder, organic ground chai spice mix


NUTRITION per 100g:

Energy (kcal) 518/170
Energy (kJ) 2166/714
Total fat 26.8g/8.8g
of which saturates 23.9g/7.8g
Available Carbohydrates 64.7g/21.3g
Total Sugars 17.7g/5.8g
Fibre 1.2g/0.3g
Total Protein 3.8g/1.2g
Sodium as salt 0g/0g


STORAGE:  In a cool, dry place at room temperature.

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We’re passionate about making great tasting drinks to nourish your body and feed your soul!  Founded by mum-of-two and naturopathic nutritionist Jane Nicholls, the company is based on her belief in natural, clean and wholesome food.   Our range of Superblend Lattes is available in six delicious flavours which include Matcha with Vanilla, Turmeric with Black Pepper, Raw Cacao with Cordyceps, Chai with Reishi, Beetroot with Ginger and Chicory with Lion’s Mane.  We carefully source all our ingredients ensuring they are ethically produced and grown to high organic standards in nutrient rich soils.  All our products are certified organic, vegan and free from dairy, refined sugar, gluten and/or caffeine.   Barista Blends Our barista blends are designed to be made by adding any type of hot milk and make a creamy, indulgent hot drink.  The blends can also be used to make frappes by blending the latte mix with cold milk and crushed ice   Instant Blends Our instant blends have a base of coconut milk powder and are made simply by adding water. They make a lighter drink than our barista blends and are a perfect solution when you’re away from home or simply short of time.   So why not spice up your menu with a superblend latte, to nourish your body and feed your soul!  

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