Heart Boost Nut Butter 190g

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Our Heart blend is packed with essential nutrients to help lower blood pressure, and increase stamina. Beetroot and Coconut Oil are high in Fibre, Iron and Antioxidants. 

Protect the most important muscle in your body with the power of our new purple blend.

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About Our Nut Butters

Our products contain natural vitamins and minerals. The cashew nut base is high in fibre, magnesium and healthy fats – great for the heart, cholesterol and blood sugar control. Our finely balanced flavours contribute many other health benefits, such as bone strength, sustained energy production, immune, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory boosts.

All Good nut butters are free from gluten, dairy, egg, soya, processed sugar and palm oil.

About Us Nutters

We are the nutty professionals who share a passion for clean eating. With a common belief in the importance of natural products, sustainable sourcing and the power of community. Our lives are all touched by food intolerances, from gluten to dairy.

Emma & Elena x

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