Lovegrass Brown Teff Grain (500g)

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Kick start your day with delicious Teff porridge or use as a replacement for rice or quinoa. A nutritional powerhouse, Teff is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, prebiotics (which your gut will love.) The smallest of all the grains but a nutritional giant!


Lovegrass brown Teff grain has a delicious nutty flavour, ideal for making porridge or healthy polenta. Recommended for IBS sufferers due to its high prebiotic fibre content. Allergen free and vegan, grown by small-scale Ethiopian farmers, who to this day harvest with ox plough, a tradition unchanged for thousands of years.


Lovegrass Habesha Teff is proudly sourced directly from small-scale Ethiopian farmers. The founders are on a mission to share the health benefits of Habesha Teff with the world and in doing so, connect small-scale Ethiopian farmers with international markets.




100% Wholegrain Brown Teff


Nutritional Information (per 100g):


Energy 316kcal

Fat 3.5g

of which saturates 1.0g

Carbohydrates 73g

of which sugars 1.2g

Fibre 22g

Protein 9.4g

Salt 0.02g

Iron 44mg

Calcium 170mg

Magnesium 190mg

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More about Lovegrass Ethiopia

Lovegrass is on a mission to share the benefits of Ethiopian Teff with the world. Teff is a tiny super-grain packed wtih fibre, protein, iron and vitamins. We strive to showcase the delicious taste and nutritional goodness of Teff to an international market, all while empowering Ethiopian farmers with fair prices for their crop. 

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