SACO Cocoa Husk Tea - 100g

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PREMIUM QUALITY: We ethically source 100% natural cocoa husk tea directly from small-scale women producers in the Ivory Coast. By doing so we know where our products come from and we uplift the livelihood of rural communities.
HEALTH BENEFITS: Cocoa Hush Tea are rich in Vitamin Bs, A, Iron, Zinc and Magnesium. It is packed with antioxidants, it contains very low calories and sugar, making it the perfect alternative for diabetics. It is commonly known to be a mood booster.

HOW TO USE: Infuse in hot water to make tea. Have plain or add your favourite sweetener.

INGREDIENTS (allergens in bold): 100% natural African Cacao Husk Tea derived from outer shells of premium quality raw cacao beans.

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More about SACO Superfoods

SACO Superfoods is a family business based in Salford. We work directly with small-scale women producers in the Ivory Coast to bring you the best natural and highly nutritious ingredients from West Africa.


Our range includes Ginger Flakes, Hibiscus flower, Baobab Powder, Dried Mango and more. They all offer excellent health benefits and can be used in different ways, in teas, smoothies, porridge, cooking and baking.

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