SORSO: Gazpacho Bundle of Three (3 x 250ml)

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Why not create the ultimate Bloody Mary !


Bundle Flavours:

Smokey Smoke ,  Lemony Lemon , Simple Origins: As simple as can be!


Our yummy products are made with all natural ingredients. 100% Plant based and vegan friendly. Rich in texture and flavour and full of tomato goodness.


What make us Unique:

  • 100% Plant based and Vegan Friendly.
  • Mix and Match Flavours
  • Time  Saving
  • No – added Salt or Sugars

Keep refrigerated below 5•c. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days

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More about SORSO Sauce

SORSO’s story begins with three grumpy kids and their stressed out mother. “Mum, isn’t dinner ready yet?!” our founder Sandra’s children used to ask. The nerve of Sandra’s 9 to 5 job in the city getting in the way of dinner…Something had to be done. Sandra started whipping up sauces in her kitchen ahead of time, so her kids could use them to get dinner started while she was still at work.  Her kids loved them. Her husband loved them. And, when she gave them to friends, they loved them too. “You could sell these,” people kept telling Sandra. So she did. One year later, SORSO is sold at farmers markets all over London and is shipped to hungry customers across the country. Next stop: world domination! No more grumpy kids. No more stressed out mum. Now that’s what we call a happy ending.

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