Gluten Free Super Sourdough Bread Mix (500g x 2)

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Gluten Free Super Sourdough Bread Mix (500g x 2)


This kit produces a light and crusty – This everyday loaf has a mild sour flavour and delicious golden crust, which is ideal for toasting or freshly-made sandwiches.


Just add water. Each kit makes 2 x e400g loaf or e800g loaf.


Free from 14 including: gluten, dairy, egg, nuts, soya


Suitable for vegans

Sugar free

No added yeast

No added oils


Ingredients: Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour, Sorghum Flour, Millet Flour, sourdough starter (3%), Xanthan Gum, Salt

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More about The Gluten Free Bakery

The Gluten Free Bakery was started with a simple vision, to provide proper bread for Coeliac Disease sufferers and those with a a gluten intolerance/allergy. While there was much that could be found at the sweeter end of the market, savoury breads had many issues, and it was this that Rana and Alexander set out to combat.


The bakery started in 2015 in a tiny office, now provides baker bread to the likes of Harrods, Selfridges and Whole Foods, as well as a whole host if independant shops, cafés and restaurants, as well as the general public.


We continue to add new products and to improve on our bread. We use no preservatives or yeast, relying on our sourdough to provide the bread with a natural rise, and prolonging shelf life to almost a week. Rave reviews, numerous awards, and a stream of emails from happy customers, keep us baking!

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