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INGREDIENTS (Allergens in BOLD): Dates*, Desiccated Coconut*, Filtered Water, Pumpkin Seeds*, Cashews*, Raw Cacao Butter*, Hemp Seeds*, Raspberries*, Raw Coconut Oil*, Coconut Blossom Nectar* (3%), Lucuma*, Lemon, Ginger Root*, Vanilla Extract*, Turmeric*, Sea Salt*

*organically certified


NO dairy, NO gluten, NO refined sugar



Calories : 385

Fat (saturated) : 33g (18g)

Carbohydrate (sugar) : 24g (15g)

Fibre: 5g

Protein: 8g

Salt: 0.02g


The cakes will arrive at fridge temperature, so you can either pop them in the fridge (if eating the fruity ones within 3 days) or the freezer to enjoy at a more leisurely pace or if you are transporting them elsewhere – they travel better when they are mega chilled…. don’t we all!


They only take 10 mins to defrost, with the exception of The Bollywood (which is a bit of a beast!) taking around 30 mins. Some are even better as ‘ice cream’ cakes, straight from the freezer – my favourites are The Italian Job and The Fresh Prince.


Everything arrives in recyclable/reusable packaging, with vegan friendly denim insulation and ‘eco-chill’ ice packs, which are the bees knees when it comes to keeping things cool!


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More about Little Roar

​We make beautiful, delicious, plant-based cakes. ​ No dairy. No gluten. No refined sugar. No nonsense! We concentrate on full flavours, using raw and organic ingredients.


I’m Zowie, the little lioness behind Little Roar, here in Bristol, UK. I LOVE eating and creating delicious food. My previous background was as an Arts Teacher and Forest School Leader, before running away from those snotty yet delightful kids to seek solitude in my kitchen! Rewind even further then that, I spent a lot of time managing Juice Bars, working in cafes, festival catering, health food shops, record stores and working with Oxfam.


Throughout all of that time, I always had a sideline passion for making and eating cake, and would become known for setting off overly sensitive fire alarms in the early hours of the morning after nights out and sudden splurges of enthusiasm to turn on some music and bake a cake! – Perhaps this is what led me to keeping it raw… 😉

This fusion of my loves and history, alongside an avid interest in exploring good health, adventure seeking, passion for the planet, people and politics, birthed Little Roar. I picked up £10 blender from the Marie Curie Charity Shop on Gloucester Road, bought a second hand freezer off eBay and a battered old stereo and was good to go…. a lot has changed since then, although whizzing blenders, humming freezers and a blaring stereo remain at the core of what I do!   ​


We source many of our ingredients through Essential Trading Co-operative here in Bristol. As a wholesaler, they do a lot of great work to support and promote organic farmers and artisans, fairly traded goods and sustainable produce. We also work with Zaytoun, a social enterprise and community interest company who bring artisanal Palestinian produce to the UK. Our values around treading lightly on this planet don’t stop at what we put into our cakes. Everything we package our cakes is made from either recycled paper or cardboard, and is easy to recycle again.

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