Variety of Vegan Bronuts - Box of 6

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Baked vegan and gluten free doughnuts which we call bronuts. You could also describe them as cake circles if you like.

Everything we bake is gluten and dairy free. We use unrefined coconut sugar and doves farm free from flour.

You will receive 6 bronuts in the box

Hazelnut, marshmallow, brownie sprinkles, raspberry, pistachio, strawberry

Ingredients: coconut sugar, gluten free flour, oil , coconut milk powder , dairy free white chocolate, freeze dried fruit and nuts. (Hazelnuts and pistachios are used in the kitchen).



Ingredients (allergens in bold): unrefined coconut sugar, gluten free flour from Doves Free, oil , coconut milk, dairy free white chocolate, freeze dried, marshmallows from Freedom marshmallows, pistachio, hazelnuts, raspberry


You will receive 6 Bronuts in total , All base flavours are the same with different toppings


1 x Pistachio

1 x Hazelnut

1 x Raspberry

1 x freeze dried strawberries

1 x marshmallow

1 x sprinkles and brownie


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More about Norah’s Brownies

My name is Leah and I am the founder of Norah’s Brownies. Its named after Norah because I was on maternity leave with her when I started the business.   I live in Hackney with my husband and two daughters, Lola and Norah. My background is in fashion and visual merchandising before i became a teacher . I spent 6 years teaching textiles, graphic design  & Business in secondary schools. I then became the head of Food which reignited my passion for food.   ​ While on maternity with Norah I started up a business that incorporated the skills I had learnt and here we are.   I have an utter addiction to baked goods especially chocolate. I am also  a type 1 diabetic and always felt guilty about how much I indulged..   I experimented with a variety of ingredients, ratios and timings and have found what I think to be the perfect brownie.    All the brownies are hand made, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free, with exciting flavours and toppings to give the brownie its signature look and taste.

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