Our Paula's PLANT-BASED Award Winning Garlic Butter 110g

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Our Paula’s PLANT-BASED Garlic Butter


I have no favourites, however, this one was my first creation.


Packed with fresh garlic and parsley. Just taking the lid off will make your taste buds do a happy dance!


I use it in most of my cooking as it is so versatile. Spread on any bread, then grill or oven bake, for amazing garlic bread, and garlic mushrooms are an absolute must! It’s fab with pasta too, the list is as long as your imagination!


ALLERGEN ADVICE in bold   – CONTAIN SOY – Soy Lecithin & Soy Milk

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More about Our Paula’s

Hello there, 

We are Paula & Eugene happy enthusiastic founders  

of Our Paula’s BUTTA Company,

Artisan producers of Plant based Vegan & Vegetarian butters.

Proud to be based in Lancashire United Kingdom.

We are the Worlds 1st butter company to become Certified Palm Oil Free 

We use quality ingredients that we try and source as locally as possible. We are a small company with mighty plans, we do our best to achieve our goals one step at a time

 “We simply make great tasting versatile BUTTA created for everyone to enjoy” 

All our BUTTA’s are so versatile and suitable for whatever you decide to cook, a small spoonful goes a long way, sauté, roast, stir fry, bake and simply delicious stirred into pasta, rice or steamed vegetables or mash and a divine accompaniment for your cheese board! . Oven bake or grill for delicious tasting bread of every variety every time Enjoy!

We ensure that our BUTTA’s are packed full of flavour that taste delicious, fresh, dreamy & creamy made with ingredients that do not contain any PALM OIL or GMO’S.

Our BUTTA are presented in glass jars 110g & 240g and they are perfect to recycle or repurpose.


Keep me on your happy shelf in your fridge below 8*

My Tip – Best served at room temperature


At Our Paula’s we take Allergen management and control as a priority in our business. This underpins everything that we do. 

We produce all our products in our commercial kitchen unit.

We have specifically designed our kitchens so that we can manage the allergens we use. We have divided our production areas into two designated kitchen spaces. 

Our GREEN Kitchen area 

We produce all our plant based products, we handle and manage the following allergens walnuts & Soy. From time to time we also handle some bread for events which contains gluten & wheat. 

Our YELLOW Kitchen area is self contained area

we produce two products that contain milk (dairy)

Each area has separate lines for everything that we make.       

Each kitchen area has dedicated tools, utensils, appliances, cleaning fridges, equipment and uniforms.

We implement strict and robust preparation and cleaning procedures ensuring that we do our level best to avoid cross contamination. We are always striving to attain high standards through expert advice, guidance and training. We are continually improving our procedures. 

We are working towards getting full allergen Traceability on all the ingredients we use throughout our supply chain and we do our level best to source our ingredients from certified quality assured companies. 

If you have any specific queries or requirements please contact us 

[email protected]

Our production kitchens have been awarded 5 star hygiene rating. 241061181 563863211431047 6444102944974704959 n


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